art of flight - Arm balancing workshop

Sunday September 15th 1030 am - 12pm

Lets Move Studio 831 Victoria Street - parking and entrance in the back off Seymour Street


Learn how to take flight and balance on your hands! Strength and conditioning to warm up in a flow practice followed by arm balancing variations and plenty of play time.

All Levels Therapeutic Yoga for Every Body

Mondays 7-8 pm

Lets Move Studio - 831 Victoria Street —- Parking and entrance in the back off Seymour Street

$65 - 5 class punch

$120 - 10 class punch

$15 - Drop In

This class is intended for all levels of all ages, genders and conditions who would like to explore the capabilities of their bodies through movement, breath work and meditation. Props and modifications provided.

Email to reserve your mat space or call 250.572.6634


I often see men for massage therapy who complain of low back pain and overall stiffness and inflexibility. I ask : ” What do you do for self care after your workouts or daily life? Do you warm up and cool down after workouts? Do you stretch?” 99% of the time the answer is “No, but I know I should.”

Well dudes, here is the beginning for you. A stretching class for dudes just like you!

Learn about why stretching is important for joint and tissue health, how to prevent injury from your activities of daily life, and most importantly, experience how your body feels after providing tissues and joints with new sensory inputs and nutrition.


Yoga for Breast Cancer Survivorship Kamloops

8 Weeks October 1st to November 26th ( No class Oct 8th Thanksgiving) Mondays 7-8 pm $80 + GST or $10 Drop In

Located at Lets Move Dance Studio 831 Victoria St, Kamloops

This program is in collaboration with Dr. Leia-Stephens' Breast Cancer Survivorship Initiative. The intention is to provide on-going care to women who have overcome or who are still fighting breast cancer from any stages and degrees of severity. 

Jil hopes to inspire women who have overcome or continue to fight breast cancer through yoga, meditation, breath-work and education.The practice offered will be a restorative flow of mild to moderate intensity depending on the energetic levels that day, suitable for beginners and all levels. You will lengthen and release soft tissue restrictions including those limiting range of motion due to surgical interventions. This practice will help increase flexibility, nourish tissue with increased circulation and lymphatic flow as well as help decrease edema associated with lymphedema. Meditation and breath-work can help relieve anxiety, stress and fatigue and you will learn how to incorporate yoga and movement into your daily life to maintain or adapt a healthy and mindful lifestyle.

Yoga classes will be restorative flow with the use of props, including movement, meditation and breath-work empowering women to continue or adapt a healthy and mindful lifestyle. Modifications offered to provide safe and effective releases.

See EVENTBRITE event for registration details

Private Yoga Sessions – Email or call to set up an appointment

These sessions are tailored to meet your needs. Whether you are rehabilitating an injury, are new to yoga and nervous to be in a group of people who are perhaps more experienced than you, or if you own a business and would like to offer your employees a Staff Appreciation Class,  I can teach you one on one. I will provide verbal and manual adjustments so you can experience what proper alignment feels like in your body and how to adjust yourself in future classes. I will give you the confidence and tools you need to take with you to public classes.