Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect?

On your initial visit, a detailed history will be taken and a  thorough clinical assessment will be preformed. This will be followed by palpation and manual therapy. Once a differential diagnosis is made, you and your RMT will come up with a treatment plan. Please bring your orthotics if you wear them and your running shoes if you are experiencing pain during physical activity. Please also arrive 5 – 10 minutes early to complete an initial patient intake form.

How many treatments will I need?

This varies from patient to patient depending on the scope of injury. It is recommended to have 3 appointments 7 – 10 days apart and then re-assess. Appointments might then be recommended to bi-weekly or monthly for maintenance.

Do you do Direct Billing?

We do not do direct billing. We will provide patients with a medical receipt which they can submit to their insurance provider. This includes ICBC and WCB patients. As an opted out practitioner, this means that the patient will pay the full cost of the treatment and will be reimbursed by ICBC, WCB or insurance providers. ICBC allows up to 12 massage therapy visits immediately following an accident and without a doctors referral. Patients will be reimbursed $23 per visit and depending on the claim may be reimbursed the full amount. Please discuss this with your ICBC adjuster or lawyer if you have one.

Does MSP cover massage therapy?

10 visits per year are provided for those who are eligible for premium assistance. This is in combination with physiotherapy, acupuncture, Chiropractic and Naturopathy. We can check MSP eligibility in the clinic with immediate results. The patient will pay the cost of the treatment less the $23 if eligible.