Top 6 Signs you Might Be Way Too Stressed


My observation is that many people feel stressed on a regular basis. Chronic stress is a leading cause of many diseases and weight challenges. If you think you are experiencing chronic stress, this article is intended to help you figure out how stressed you are and what you can do to improve your stress level and overall health and well-being.

If you have never taken a Life Stress Test, it is a good thing to do from time to time. If you Internet search "Life Stress Test", there is a whole bunch (all should be free). Essentially, what you will discover is that it takes only a few minor stressors to GREATLY increase the chances of physical problems.

I am concerned because many people take on responsibility for family, career, home, school, pets, and friends - then, when challenges arise, our own personal health and well-being is the last item on our "To Do" list.

We need to make a commitment to scheduling our needs first, simplifying our lives, and being selective about how many things we take on. We invite you to commit to some new exciting and healthy changes if you really need them of course.

6 Signs of Stress

Are you aware of what they are?

Snapping - feeling a little intolerant? There sure are a lot more people raising their voices, even in public places.

Tension in the car? - Experiencing seemingly endless road obstacles? What's the response... horns, fingers and shouts behind the glass.

More coffee, more sugar, more wine and more snacks - Are you using any to "get through the day?"

More shopping and spending to relieve stress? Higher credit balances, increased interest rates... need we say more?

Back pain, neck pain, tension headaches, sore feet... signs of holding stress in the body, which actually cause more stress in the body, too.

Are you sleeping? Too much, too little, nightmares, trouble breathing?

Do not worry, we have a few secrets and solutions that may just melt your stress away for good.

Solutions to Ease Stress

If you have any of the above mentioned signs of stress, here are some suggestions for you:

Water - a bath, spa, pool, beach... get in or near some water, it calms and soothes.

Fun pool workout.

Use relaxation products such as Luraco Technologies iRobotics 7 massage chair. Take zero gravity position and enjoy superb massage experience in one of top rated chairs in a world.

Have you seen a professional? Massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, therapist, trainer, coach, organizer. Anyone of these healthy professionals should help. Visit us at Dimensional Wellness and we can help you with massage therapy, acupuncture, cranial therapy and more

Ask for a referral if you do not know any of these professionals.

Yoga, relaxation, breathing techniques, biofeedback... anything like this to calm the mind and the body.

Yoga session. Visit us for a yoga fun here.

Eating better... calming foods include whole grains in the evening (brown rice, quinoa, millet), herbal tea (calm & sooth blends).   Roasted baby potatoes are a good "comfort" food but still good for you.

Talk to Nutritionist for a variety of great tasting ideas.

Exercise... or even better, movement... walk with the family (a walk date with friends), walk the dog. Try something new!

Invent fun new ideas that work for your lifestyle and circumstances.

"Laughter IS the best medicine." Rent a comedy, see a comedian, put bunny ears on the dog (any animal costume will do).  Just be sure to crack up with laughter as often as possible.

We love to have fun and laugh, if you have a great joke please pass it along. :)

Sleep... if you are REALLY having trouble sleeping, see a hypnotherapist, participate in a sleep study or visit a sleep center. Sleep is critical. Please rest well.

Breathe Deep.

Life is busy.

It is really easy to get stressed out. Just remember that even though small stress might be somewhat useful, constant stress will kill your productivity, deteriorate your health and make life less enjoyable for you and people around you.

It is never too late. Please, so something about it NOW!