Jil Forbes is a Level 2 Fascial Manipulation Practitioner. She completed her level 1 and 2 courses in Italy from founders, Medical Doctor Antonio Stecco, Orthopedic Surgeon Carla Stecco and their father Physiotherapist, Luigi Stecco.

Fascia is a soft connective tissue that is found between muscles, surrounding joints and holding internal organs in place. Fascia functions to move body segments in coordination with its relative joints by providing a slippery membrane to allow the slide and glide of muscles and tissues during contraction and relaxation phases. Fascia can lose this slippery quality and become adhered to underlying tissues through repetitive use or injury. This creates dysfunctional movement and the body will then adapt to this movement by establishing a compensatory pattern. Compensations can lead to secondary pain. STECCO is a technique used to identify and treat dysfunctional fascia. Through movement, palpation and treatment of fascia, muscle or joint pain can significantly decrease or even disappear. A mechanical pressure is applied to these points, stimulating the inflammatory process to initiate tissue repair. Please note that this is not a painless technique.

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