Registered Massage Therapy is the most effective soft tissue therapy. Together with physiotherapy, chiropractic and personal training, massage therapy is an excellent complimentary modality.

Registered Massage Therapists are regulated under the Health Professions Act of BC and the College of Massage Therapy of BC. Education consists of a total of 3 years, focusing on orthopedics, anatomy and physiology, neurology, kinesiology, pathology, clinical assessment, pain management, sports treatments and therapeutic exercise. Registration with the College of Massage Therapy of BC means passing 3 written board exams and one practical exam.  It is mandatory for RMT’s to complete continuing education credits every 2 years in order to maintain their license. This is to keep up with evolving modalities in healthcare and offers personal growth through education. This aspect is what gives RMT’s a wide ranged skill set in order to better serve patients needs.

“Did you just call me a Masseuse? Oh my Gawd, that is so retro!”
— Jane Margaret Dandicat, Licensed Massage Therapist